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East Wood Traditional Chinese Medicine

Consultation Fee

Chinese medicine consultation by professional Hong Kong registered Chinese medicine practitioner will give a diagnosis "judging the patient's constitution and syndrome type" for the best choice of follow-up treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrated Granules

Professional Hong Kong-registered Chinese medicine practitioners will make a Chinese medicine plan according to the constitution and current syndrome "for the patient's internal medicine, blood and viscera conditions" (usually one or two doses of medicine a day, but there are also different ways of taking according to individual differences and different situations)


Face-slimming Realignment

$880/  $1200 (Specialist)

The face is a whole composed of 23 layers of bones, muscles, fascia, fat, and skin. The symmetry and whole of the face affects the contours of our face as facial muscle and fat are lost, fascial skin ages, and bone balance changes. Our Chinese medicine practitioner utilizes facial acupuncture and moxibustion, as well as craniofacial bone structure restoration techniques to change facial contours. It can solve the proportion of the contour, such as the face of the bag, the expansion of the cheekbones, the sunken temples, the crooked nose, the flat nose, the sunken face and many other facial problems.


$200 /$380 (Causeway Bay specialist)

Using vacuum cupping or cupping, cupping or walking cupping can be added to the specific meridian or meridian position of the skin on the skin surface, so that the patient's "blood stasis" can be removed, and it can also "dissolve dampness", which can effectively improve the cause of the disease. It is commonly used to treat various pain conditions (head, neck, shoulders, elbows, back, waist, ischium, knees) and can be Skin diseases should be treated after the doctor's diagnosis


$350 (CWB Specialist Acupuncture$600)

Based on the dialectical method of viscera and meridians, and in cooperation with the physician's profession and the inheritance of various schools, a good treatment plan is formulated, and acupuncture treatment is performed on the meridian points, so as to adjust the meridian qi and blood, and release the adhesion of tendons, muscles, bones and flesh. etc. , indications: various pain conditions and chronic strain (neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, back, waist, ischium, knee, ankle, toe), headache, dizziness, stroke sequelae, wind-cold, chronic cough, Nasal allergy, eczema, rubella, acid reflux, stomach pain, insomnia, emotional problems, palpitations, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other different physical pathological conditions.

TCM Bone setting
(Diagnosis + manual reset) 


After diagnosis by a professional Hong Kong registered Chinese medicine practitioner, the treatment method for the imbalance of the patient's skeleton and the restoration of the rigid structure is determined, and the specific professional techniques of "bone setting", "tendon management" and "repositioning" are used in conjunction with the unique techniques of each physician. However, unlike tuina massage in the market, comprehensive pain treatment aims to restore tendons and bones, not just massage. The ultimate goal of this therapy is to restore the balance of the patient's structure. According to the doctor's diagnosis, the patient can restore balance regardless of the soft tissue and bone structure and improve the diseases caused by the body's blood, muscles and bones. Indications: high and low arms, long and short feet, bone imbalance, moderate to low-grade scoliosis, long-term chronic strain and pain (neck, shoulder, back, waist, ischium, knee, ankle), and medical diseases caused by spinal abnormalities

Acupoint Catgut Embedding

$2800(Partial) / $4500(Whole Body)

Acupoint catgut embedding means burying medical grade PDO (surgical vegetable protein thread) wire on acupoints. The purpose is to speed up the stimulation of the body's basal metabolism to achieve a similar long-term acupuncture effect. Acupoint catgut embedding can remove dampness and eliminate edema, laxatives, adjust stomach, reduce appetite, etc. Embed the wire to stubborn fat layers, such as arms, abdomen, waist, thighs and calves, which can speed up the metabolism of fat, so as to achieve shaping and firming Effect. At the same time, it can also promote transportation and dredging the meridians, and treat gynecological and internal problems, such as menstrual problems, polycystic ovary disease, gastrointestinal problems, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

Clinic address and phone number

Yau Ma Tei Clinic

Address: Rm A, 10F, Nathan Tower

Phone:2572 1888 / 3586 1939

Residential TCM Doctor:Wallace  醫師、裕燊醫師、celia醫師、

Kwun Tong Clinic

Address: Rm 6, 15/F Entrepot Centre 117 How Ming St, Kwun Tong 

Phone:3580 2775

Residential TCM Doctor:唐Ronald 醫師、Celia 醫師、腎子醫師、建建醫師

Causeway bay Clinic

Address: Rm 1 16F Island Beverly Center

Phone:3708 3694

Residential TCM Doctor:

Sham Shui Po Clinic

Address:Gf, 48 Nam Cheong St

Phone:2381 0023

Residential TCM Doctor:D李醫師、建建醫師